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  • RE: Independent wallet platform

    Interesting requests.

    1. Keplr.Metamask only sign up (without email) is coming pretty soon, may be early September
    2. As for setting a custom node, tbh we were considering cloud nodes and such but decided to move in a slightly different direction. is more general-user-centric now, meaning that such functionality wouldn't be in a great demand. However, once our SDK is ready and Dev Center is up and running, this option can be considered, especially if there's a demand from advanced C1 users.
      Would love to hear from others too!
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  • RE: Mobile phone as signer

    2FA with mobile phone is technically possible and this has been already discussed once somewhere in the chat. However, such functionality will require a lot of time and work, and is not currently in our priority, so we will keep it in mind, but without strong user demand I would't expect it any time soon.

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  • RE: Make coin managment more intuitive

    Hi Felix. Thanks for your proposals. We discussed them with the team. The idea to create all addresses and then hide/show them on the frontend (sidebar) is an interesting idea. Added it to our waitlist.

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  • RE: Minimum amount for autorestake app

    Hello @atreyuu! Thanks for submitting a proposal on the forum.
    While I think we can consider changing the restake amount for some networks, we believe that 0.01 is a bit too low. Here are the reasons:

    1. First of all we will spam the network with numerous and numerous transactions that will be happening every block.

    Imagine users with big stakes, that accrue 0.01 each block, so the platform will be initiating transactions for one user every 7-12 seconds. Imagine same for hundreds or thousands of users.

    1. Another reason is that no matter the restake amount, the transaction fee is always +- the same. With such an amount of restake transactions we will be paying a lot of commissions ( is paying all transactions on behalf of users no matter what validator they are staking with).

    We would suggest waiting a month or so, collect data on the restake app usage and then decide on each network specifically. Also, let's see the feedback and thoughts of other members and continue the discussion then.

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  • RE: Server error when staking xct - Error ServerError: Returned error: operation is not available

    Hey @similiken, that's right the issue was fixed. The staking problem appeared for those accounts that voted on the first governance proposal.
    Yesterday we relaunched it and the issue was automatically resolved.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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  • RE: CSV export

    We have made the designs for the future Tax Report Extension already, but the actual development might take a significant amount of time because supports many kinds of transactions, including bridges, LP, swaps and so on.

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  • RE: XCT rewards for superfluid staking

    Hello, Danton!
    Thanks for your proposal. For now we don't have plans to add XCT incentive for superfluid staked OSMO with our Validator. We might consider this option in the future.

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  • DAO off-chain proposal #3. Expand the XCT reward program on all newly integrated networks

    Summary Foundation proposes including all integrated (both current and future) networks to the XCT reward incentive program until on-chain governance is implemented.

    $JUNO and $COMDEX networks have been added to the platform recently, but are not eligible for the $XCT rewards program yet. With $DVPN, $HUAHUA, $XPRT, $STARS, $INJ, $UMEE, and hopefully $EVMOS coming this month, is finally scaling fast.
    Considering XCT governance integration is still in development and may take up to 2 months to implement, we believe that it would be more productive to automatically expand the XCT reward program on all newly integrated networks until then.

    Since the launch of the XCT Incentive program for the networks listed above, TVL on nodes has shown a significant uprise. We believe that adding more networks to the XCT rewards program will bring value to our users and encourage people to delegate even more on our nodes.

    In case of the successful outcome of this proposal, $JUNO, $CMDX as well as all stakers of newly integrated networks will be included in the XCT Incentive program. The inflation parameters won’t be changed, instead, the rewards stream for staking other assets will be broken down into as many streams as the number of integrated to networks​​.
    Proposal discussion period: 08.02.2021 - 22.02.2022

    NOTE: This is a soft proposal and will only be discussed on the forum without going on-chain. Our development roadmap is very busy with all the product releases. There is no room to integrate a full-scale governance tool into the platform just yet. Once DAO functionality is released, proposals of this kind will be decided on-chain.

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  • RE: CSV export

    No eta, unfortunately.
    The team working on defining all supported transactions on the platform (send, receive, claim, restake, redelegate, swap, provide liquidity, withdraw liquidity and etc.) Because C1 is a multi chain platform and all chains have different types of txs it complicates the work a bit.
    But without this we can't release CSV feature. Will keep you posted and sorry for the late reply.

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