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  • RE: CSV export

    We have made the designs for the future Tax Report Extension already, but the actual development might take a significant amount of time because supports many kinds of transactions, including bridges, LP, swaps and so on.

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  • RE: XCT rewards for superfluid staking

    Hello, Danton!
    Thanks for your proposal. For now we don't have plans to add XCT incentive for superfluid staked OSMO with our Validator. We might consider this option in the future.

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  • DAO off-chain proposal #3. Expand the XCT reward program on all newly integrated networks

    Summary Foundation proposes including all integrated (both current and future) networks to the XCT reward incentive program until on-chain governance is implemented.

    $JUNO and $COMDEX networks have been added to the platform recently, but are not eligible for the $XCT rewards program yet. With $DVPN, $HUAHUA, $XPRT, $STARS, $INJ, $UMEE, and hopefully $EVMOS coming this month, is finally scaling fast.
    Considering XCT governance integration is still in development and may take up to 2 months to implement, we believe that it would be more productive to automatically expand the XCT reward program on all newly integrated networks until then.

    Since the launch of the XCT Incentive program for the networks listed above, TVL on nodes has shown a significant uprise. We believe that adding more networks to the XCT rewards program will bring value to our users and encourage people to delegate even more on our nodes.

    In case of the successful outcome of this proposal, $JUNO, $CMDX as well as all stakers of newly integrated networks will be included in the XCT Incentive program. The inflation parameters won’t be changed, instead, the rewards stream for staking other assets will be broken down into as many streams as the number of integrated to networks​​.
    Proposal discussion period: 08.02.2021 - 22.02.2022

    NOTE: This is a soft proposal and will only be discussed on the forum without going on-chain. Our development roadmap is very busy with all the product releases. There is no room to integrate a full-scale governance tool into the platform just yet. Once DAO functionality is released, proposals of this kind will be decided on-chain.

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  • RE: CSV export

    No eta, unfortunately.
    The team working on defining all supported transactions on the platform (send, receive, claim, restake, redelegate, swap, provide liquidity, withdraw liquidity and etc.) Because C1 is a multi chain platform and all chains have different types of txs it complicates the work a bit.
    But without this we can't release CSV feature. Will keep you posted and sorry for the late reply.

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  • An open letter by DAO Foundation about XCT buyback results, recent progress and plans.

    Dear C1 community!
    With the first month of a new year behind us, we are happy to share our latest progress and plans.

    XCT buyback
    Considering multiple community requests we’ve decided to share the intermediate XCT buyback details.
    First off-chain proposal to buy back and burn XCT using accumulated commissions from nodes was successfully passed in November. You can learn more about the proposal and nodes’ that were used for buy back here:

    XCT buy back aims to create positive buying pressure and increase the trading volume on existing exchanges.
    Initially, we were planning to conduct the buyback and burn from November 15 to January 31, however, following the recent crypto market conditions team decided to adjust the terms and thus the amounts for buy back.
    More info on initial terms of the proposal can be found from the infographics below.
    IMAGE 2022-02-04 02:07:35.jpg

    And here are the updated details of the ongoing buyback process.
    IMAGE 2022-02-04 02:08:51.jpg

    A little over 13% of the available XCT supply has been taken off the market in just 2 months, making XCT one of the most deflationary assets in the crypto space.
    It also proves the concept of the XCT with a securitized cash flow model, where XCT value is based on the basket of broader crypto assets.
    With an XCT staked ratio of 64,68%, we want to thank you all for your support and trust.

    Earlier in December introduced the first extensions - Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Now users can trade ERC20 and BEP20 tokens using one interface.
    More details in this article:

    Following Osmosis in December, Juno and Comdex have been integrated into recently and soon will be eligible for the XCT rewards program, so in case you've missed it go and stake your JUNO and CMDX on and wait for further announcements!

    In this article you can learn more about features that brings to Juno and Comdex users:

    Long-awaited Metamask Support has been added earlier, too. Now users can connect their Ethereum and BSC addresses without manually inputting a seedphrase or a private key.

    Meanwhile, the team is working hard to deliver its promises and vision.

    Our upcoming releases include:
    Mobile wallet 2.0 - completely redesigned and fully synchronized with C1 web; Browser Extension - your favorite app for Web3 wallet lovers.

    Extensions in pipeline:
    OSMO Swap and LP - will bring an even better experience and utility to the platform;
    COSMOS & OSMO governance - finally, you will be able to vote for proposals on the networks you love;
    NFT extension - we are excited to announce the most popular NFT marketplace (OpenSea) is added to our integration roadmap and will be accessible from our platform so you can enjoy your NTFs' collection or trade them;
    PStake - following our partnership with Persistence, we are planning to introduce pSTAKE, a liquid staking solution that unlocks the true potential of staked PoS assets (e.g. ATOM). PoS token holders can deposit their tokens onto the pSTAKE platform to mint 1:1 pegged ERC-20 wrapped unstaked tokens represented as pTOKENs (e.g. pATOM).

    Networks to be integrated: Sentinel ($DVPN), Persistence ($XRPT), Stargaze ($STARS), Chihuahua ($HUAHUA), UMEE ($UMEE), Evmos ($EVMOS)

    As a last note, we want to remind you that price does not always reflect the value, especially during the tough market conditions. We will continue building in order to deliver the best crypto experience for our users. Please, stay tuned with our official channels as we are planning to expand the utility of XCT, introducing more use-cases and features.

    C1 team

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  • OSMOSIS Signaling Proposal: Ion DAO & Treasury Considerations

    After receiving some enquiries regarding's voting "Yes" on current proposal, we decided to start this topic and collect all considerations for and against proposal #120.

    Based on the community feedback might change it's vote from "Yes" to "Abstain" or "No".

    Here's's official position and reasons on why we voted "Yes":

    "First and foremost establishing a separate structure responsible for ION seems logical while governing ION through OSMO does not. There are fewer ION holders than OSMO holders, thus ION shouldn't be governed by users who don’t hold ION.

    Another thing is that this is just a Signaling proposal. It doesn’t enforce any transactions or transfers of funds. Our vote in favour means that we support the creation of ION DAO and that’s it.

    Once the DAO is established and we see their development plan, I guess there will be another proposal. Based on their plan we will decide how we vote further."

    Here are reasons for a "No" vote based on community feedback gathered by osmosis community members and delegators:

    "-This proposal is very vague, and although it is a signally proposal it asks to “pre-commit” the ≈ 16k ION/$200M+ from the Osmosis community pool to a not yet created ION DAO. OSMO holders feel the OCP owns the ION & is a native osmosis token at the moment. Some feel we could also help develop use case, some feel we need reciprocation if we are giving away those funds.

    -they argue the ION was always meant for a separate DAO & that’s what prop 32 meant, but there was no mention of that in the governance proposal that was voted on. A pattern of vagueness that is not good for governance and is creating these problems. There has been no community consensus or true discussion around this commitment. The larger community is against it until further discussion, but the dev team & a few validators hold enough voting power to outweigh a larger number of people. People feel decentralization in osmosis has gone away as validators blindly vote YES with any idea coming from Osmosis's team members. Especially when osmosis has low individual voting turnout.

    -there is no alignment of incentives that ensures ION will work towards value accrual for Osmosis after giving these funds to the DAO. There’s talk of eventual making ION it’s own chain which weakens trust of ION bringing lasting value to Osmosis. Stats show ION whales aren’t usually OSMO holders, so this looks like whales looking to position themselves for all the benefit. There needs to be an agreement and a way to align incentives for both sides before the OCP gives away funds to a separate DAO. There needs to be transparency with the community about that eventual plan and possibility of a separate ION chain instead of hiding it behind short term hype.

    -some people feel this is a large money grab by a small few. They are saying “trust us” but won’t verify even in a crypto world.

    -NO does not mean NO forever to the ION DAO. It is a YES to further discussion with the community."

    We are opening this topic and a Telegram poll for ONLY delegators to express their views regarding the situation. The proposal ends in about 1 day from now, so the poll will be active for the next 24 hours.

    Cast your vote here:

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  • RE: LikeCoin Validator for Citadel.One

    Hi flarnrules.
    Thanks for your suggestion. We will research LikeCoin network and will consider setting up a node there.

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  • RE: CSV export

    Hi. This feature is still in work. Will let everybody know on any updates here.

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  • RE: $OSMO Staking XCT Incentive off-chain proposal #2

    I think voting for on Cosmos network will be implemented earlier, after that will start working on XCT voting.

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  • RE: $OSMO Staking XCT Incentive off-chain proposal #2

    @bud Thanks for the feedback.
    As for your question - yes, they have equal weigh but depend on the dollar value of the token. You get more XCT if you stake more USD wise amount of any token.

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