Hello @atreyuu! Thanks for submitting a proposal on the forum.
While I think we can consider changing the restake amount for some networks, we believe that 0.01 is a bit too low. Here are the reasons:

First of all we will spam the network with numerous and numerous transactions that will be happening every block.

Imagine users with big stakes, that accrue 0.01 each block, so the platform will be initiating transactions for one user every 7-12 seconds. Imagine same for hundreds or thousands of users.

Another reason is that no matter the restake amount, the transaction fee is always +- the same. With such an amount of restake transactions we will be paying a lot of commissions (Citadel.one is paying all transactions on behalf of users no matter what validator they are staking with).

We would suggest waiting a month or so, collect data on the restake app usage and then decide on each network specifically. Also, let's see the feedback and thoughts of other members and continue the discussion then.