My name is Claudio, and I'm interested in being your Italian translator (both for the website, mobile app, or anything really).

I've been personally involved in crypto for a little more than 3 years and I've applied for a variety of jobs in the web3 space from translating to writing articles/threads, making guides and quizzes.
I'm currently the official Italian translator for (Crypto wallet similar to & and most of my past work was for Secret Network as well as some other small projects: Stakewolle, StacksNFT.

I've been personally using for at least 2 years, I'm familiar with all the crypto terminology/slang and I have a C1 Cambridge certificate (not attached here as it contains private information, I can send it via email). For these reasons I think I fit this position perfectly.

All of my past online jobs required collaboration via google docs, drive, excel etc. so I'm very familiar with the google and Microsoft work stack and for translations specifically.

Here's some of my past work


Cwallet website & app (~30k words) website (~23k words)

articles / guides / threads:

some of the best work I've done can't be shared publicly as it is still being integrated into websites or official pages.

email: [email protected]

hope to hear from you soon